What to say in a wedding card

You two love each other so much that there will be no space for others to come in between you. Have a great married life ahead.

You two are totally made for each other, thus it’s a perfect decision to get married. Have a blissful life.

You two had a twisted start, but now all things are at place. Finally you two are getting married have a rocking married life.

May the lord bring peace to you two, you both always wear a smile on your face. We wish this for you two on your wedding day.

Understand each other and forgive each other’s mistakes. This is the secret we share with you for a successful married life.

You can’t be a perfect wife for him without accepting him how he is. You can’t even be a perfect wife if you let him do what he want. Live a balanced wedding life.

Sorrows come and sorrows goes. Happiness comes and happiness goes. Nothing is permanent. All permanent remains is your relation. Live a perfect married life.

Be happy in what you both save, be satisfied in what you both gain. Everything in this world will be sufficient for you two, if you hold each other’s hand in every situation. We wish you a warming married life.

May the best flowers be chosen for your wedding, may the best priest pray for your happiness, the most loving married life you two live, this is what we wish from bottom of our heart.

Come let’s party on this occasion of marriage, let’s make this moment the most memorable one, all this is possible just because you two decided to commit each other.

Learn how to makeup now. As you have to do it yourself after marriage. If you ask him to do it for you so either he will make you a monkey or a villain. Have a self-dependent married life.

Your new life will begin now. As you have decided to get wedded with your partner. We wish for you that you always take right decision like the one you have taken now, live a loving life ahead.

May the best gifts be gifted to you, May you’re all holy wishes get granted, and all this we wish for you on your wedding day.

Party Hard and enjoy hardest as it is your wedding day. Have a wonderful wedding day and a cheerful life.

We wish that you both always remain so close to each other, may you both make beautiful memories have a blessed wedded life.

You are going to open a new book of your life, make many memorable bookmarks in it and never take any decision to tear of any pages. Wishing you both the best and good luck for the future.

May you all feel joy in your deepest breath, may you feel happiness to the core of your heart, on such a lovely occasion of your wedding day. Live a remarkable beautiful life.

You two look lovely together, never let this love ever fade, may you two understand each other to the best, and never let this spark go away. Wishing you best for your future married life.

Life is short, make it worth. Marriage makes the short life more interesting to live. I wish you have a long and loving life together.

I was always inspired by you, now your marriage has given me a new inspiration to find a partner for me. Thank you for always inspiring me. I know you will make this married life more beautiful for your partner.