Christian wedding wishes messages and quotes

Today is the day when you say “I do”, And when one says “I love you”, you just say, “Me too”! Happy wedding!!!

Tender hearts are being blessed by God, May you live like the Lady and Lord!!! Happy wedding!!!

May there be showers of blessing upon you, When you commit to each other and say “I do”!! Happy wedding!!

May Good Lord place his hand on you, And bless the new beginning of you two!! Happy wedding!!

May your marriage be blessed by the Divine, When you celebrate with the wedding cake and wine!!! Happy wedding!!

A tender touch, a warm embrace, May your marriage be blessed by God’s grace!!! Happy wedding!!

Blessed by God is this bond, Of which you two are very fond!!! Happy wedding!!!

May, by God you always be blessed, And in your relation you never feel stressed!!! Happy wedding!!!

May God give you only one season in your relation, And that would be Spring in all situation!! Happy wedding!!!

May your marriage grow under His shelter, And be away from all the helter-skelter!!! Happy Wedding!!!

May God bless you with all your dreams, And your marriage becomes as good as a silver stream!! Happy wedding!!

May God send angels to always be there for you, This is how I would want to wish a Happy wedding to you!!!

May your marriage be as beautiful as The Garden Of Eden, And may God bless you there, and your relation gets strengthen!! Happy wedding!!

May your be gifted by God’s blessings, And may everything in your marriage have a happy ending!! Happy wedding!!!

May God’s blessings shield your marriage, From every outside thing which would cause roughage!!! Happy wedding!!!

Hearty congratulations to the newly wed, Hope, by God, your relation is blessed!!! Happy wedding!!

May God keep alive your love always, And keep both of you happy everyday!!! Happy wedding!!

May Divine's grace always be there on you, Today when you say, "I do"! Happy wedding!!

May you have His blessing in abundance, With which you built a home with sweet fragrance!! Happy wedding!!

He is blessing both of you from above, So when you say, "I do", to him you should bow!! Happy wedding!!