Marriage anniversary wishes

On your wedding anniversary, this is what I want to give, Wishes for you two, forever you live!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Marriage is about love, and that is what you know, So all the worries in life, you may easily throw!!!!

People in life come and go, But you are meant to stay together forever, I know!!!

For each other you are a shield, That’s how all pains, together you heal!!!

Each other, you respect a lot, No wonder you are the best one under this knot!!

Each other, you have known very well, That’s why in each other’s heart you dwell!!!

A benchmark of best marriage you have set, So all the best wishes you should get!!!

For you two here are the lovely flowers, May God bless you with his supreme showers!!!

You are a couple, whom even death can’t separate, That’s the love between you, you have created!!

On the stone our names you have carved, You sacrificed luxury, but on love you never starved!!!

I go speechless when I see a couple like you, How can someone love each other so much the way you each other do?

No words can describe your relation, But still your story is worth narration!!!

Love the way, how each other you adore, Hence the best marriage is none but your’s!!

Many wishes would still fall less, In front of the love with which you are blessed!!!

A happy anniversary to the couple who deserve, Much more than what God has in it’s reserve!!!

Let the world say whatever it wants to, But God has blessed such that there’s nothing that affects you two!!

Trust and love that you both seek, You find in each other, when in hearts you peek!!!

Love and trust grows with years, And leaves no chance to experience no tears!!!

Wish you a lifetime luck, Where, for your marriage happiness you can pluck!!!!

Wish you luck and wish you may, On your wedding anniversary day!!!