Funny wedding wishes messages and quotes

Funny wedding wishes messages and quotes

If you wed early you are going to get ding dong like a bell for more number of years, Best of Luck.

Best of luck for your wedding Day and Wedding night do exactly as I had taught you.

Wedding is a divorce with all late night parties and weekend hanging out. Hope you get a good attorney.

Welcome to the big leap of getting married which is harder than getting employed.

Holy Mat-ri-mony that’s what wedding is called because after it you will be sleeping on mats with no Money.

Greetings for signing your own freedom to your partner. Hope we could had saved you.

You are Honey and he is dear I hope after marriage your children are not bear.

I wish you cuddle your partner every night after marriage other than putting your thumb in your mouth.

I salute your courage, on the day of your marriage, as you are doing this at such a small age.

The Bar will miss you, the Theatre will miss you, and even the free Wi-Fi of MCD will miss you. As you will be Mrs. from today after your wedding.

Finally you got a permanent partner to irritate all your life. Have a lovely married Life.

Remember Marriage takes you backward from M to E Where as we friends help you move forward from F to S. So you decide whom to follow.

Husband is a perfect relation to experiment your cooking recipes on. Thanks to this Marriage now you got one.

I am Happy to see you getting married as from now on it will be her responsibility to take you home once you are drunk.

I grant you wish that you will never forget her Birthday and your anniversary date also you will always have loads of ideas and Money to buy her gifts.

Thank you getting married before me so that you can guide me through mine.

You called me a chicken when I was marring, you called me a kitten when I was marring, now you decide what I should call you.

Finally you are getting married before your last white tooth would fell. Have a great life ahead.

You will weight some more TON, on your head there will be a SUN, on your front there will be your child’s carriage, and this is how your life will be after marriage.

I wish you a happy married life, with your sweet loving wife, and if she gets bored with your Jokes, I wish she kills you with a Knife.

After marriage keep your Wife always happy, or else your face will be the target of your child’s used nappy.