Marriage quotes and messages

Loves stories never end but each day of it has a new beginning.

Marriage and love may not be synonyms, but love in marriage is always possible.

Communication skills can best be tested between a husband and a wife.

Caring and loving should never end in marriage, because once they do, the marriage ends.

One thing you should do to keep the marriage alive, fall in love with each other every day!!!

Marriage vows are token of love. Live up to them!

The most delicate relation in the world is marriage, so preserve it with the best you can.

Promise and marriage should be taken care with due love and respect!!!

We change with time and so does the marriage, so try to bring the best changes.

People say, it is important to find the right person for marriage, I say, it is important to find the right way to love person in marriage.

Make the trust grow stronger each day and love shall be powerful when with each other you stay.

True love and great care makes the best couple.

Friendship and love together can bake the best wedding cake.

Nurture your marriage like a baby. Love and trust are the best nutritions.

Be honest. Love intensely. These are the mantras of successful marriage.

Getting married isn’t the union of bodies but of two hearts.

In your wedding let your souls unite.

Create a home as good as a paradise, where you two are the angels.

Hug each other everyday after marriage, it helps you to your partner’s heart.

Love, love and love makes a marriage happier.