Wedding congratulation messages

Hearty congratulation on your wedding, To a beautiful future you are heading!!! Happy wedding!!!

Today is the day when you promise each other, That, no matter what happens you’ll always be together!!! Happy wedding!!!

The day has come when you tie the knot, And swear to love each other a lot!!! Happy wedding!!!!

It isn’t just marriage but a promise of love, Where you swear to each other to walk with them at every curve!!! Happy wedding!!

Now that two souls have turned to one, Wish you luck and lots of fun!!! Happy wedding!!

A new life will now begin, Hope in every walk of it, together you win!! Happy wedding!!!

Today is the day of your union, May this union make both of you best companion!!! Happy wedding!!!

Now that your tied in one circle, Prove that your love is eternal!!! Happy wedding!!!

Wish you tones of laughter and joy, May the goodness, in your relation you deploy!! Happy wedding!!

Hearty congratulations to the newly wed, Hope you have a wonderful life ahead!! Happy wedding!!!

You two make a lovely pair, Wishing you a lot of happiness you should share!!! Happy wedding!!!

You two stars make a beautiful constellation, For your wedding a hearty congratulations!!!

Nature now announces you as man and wife, Who are meant to stay together for whole life!!! Happy wedding!!!

Hope you create a bunch of beautiful memory, And store forever in your treasury!! Happy wedding!!!

Bonded with love, now you are, Hope this relation travels a distance that’s more than far!!! Happy wedding!!!

Man and woman, you are made for each other, So for the rest of the world you shouldn’t bother!!! Happy wedding!!!

Now when you cut the wedding cake, Is a step to the bright future you are going to make!!! Happy wedding!!!

May your togetherness set the best example, Of a relation where love and caring is ample!!! Happy wedding!!!

Create a small world of your own, Where the seeds of love are sown!!! Happy wedding!!!

On this day when you tie a knot, I should give you one thing, I thought. That one thing is you must keep in mind thoroughly, “To a successful marriage, love and trust is the key!” Happy wedding!!!