Second wedding anniversary wishes

2 years back you became single from double, And proved that you are the best couple!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Gifts of love waiting for you, On this occasion when you two have completed years two!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

2 years of love and trust, And many more to come with such burst!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

2 years back you entered a door, Where there were stars as the ceiling and roses on the floor!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

2 years of successful marriage you should celebrate, Now get ready for the party and cut the cake!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Union that is two years old, But still glitters more than the gold!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

You two are two years old husband and wife, But exactly two years back you stood as groom and bride!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

2 years of the eternal bond, Great amount of love you have spawned!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

Sharing each other’s joy, every moment you grow, And all the sorrows, away you throw! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

True commitment to each that you gave, May that help you with a beautiful path to pave!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

Hope in two more years you build a dream home of your’s, Where there is lots of fun and not just home chores!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Babies you may be planning to make, And if you do so, be ready to smell the baby piss when you wake!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

Age of your marriage is now two, Are you planning to become three or still two?? Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Candles and flowers everywhere, To get apart, don’t you dare!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

Play the piano to the tune of your love, Because you two are none less than the doves!! Happy wedding anniversary!!

You two are always meant to be one, And your marriage is meant to be last till the sun!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Be friends more than husband-wife, That’s how you should spend a married life!!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

You are not meant to unite and depart, So that’s why I wish you a very happy wedding anniversary, with all my heart!!

Seeing you as a couple, I feel great, That true love in world is still left!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!

Such love and dependency in two years, I have seen between you, Which is there is couples very few!! Happy wedding anniversary!!!