Wedding Card Messages and wishes

Be the great couple you are. Happy wedding!

Flowers, candles and the wedding gown, All are waiting for you, My bride, right there down!!!

Walk along together hand in hand. Happy wedding.

On your wedding here is my wish, That you both get whatever you wish!! Happy wedding.

Wish you a happy married life and prosperous years that come ahead!!!

Let the trust be strong and by love you be bond!!! Happy marriage!!

May your hearts beat for each other!!! Happy wedding!!!

A true marriage is the one where bodies are two but soul is one!!! Happy wedding!!!

Give each other the best you can!!! Happy wedding!!!

Love for no reason, so that you’ll never experience treason!!! Happy wedding!!!

Feels each other’s heart when it beats, With great care each other you should treat!!! Happy wedding!!!

May love and trust occupy your marriage!!! Happy wedding!!!

May your marriage live till the stars do! Happy wedding!!!

Remember that every step you take is for your love and marriage!!! Happy wedding!!!

On this auspicious day, May all the happiness come your way!!! Happy wedding!!!

Love each other till your last breath!!! Happy wedding!!!

May God bless you with all his blessings!!! Happy wedding!!!!

May marriage bloom your love forever!!! Happy wedding!!!

May goodwill always stay in your marriage!!! Happy wedding!!!

Celebrate and enjoy to the core, May you love each other more!!!! Happy wedding!!!